Keagan Hayden

I am so glad to have you join my tribe here in room 507!
We are looking forward to a fantastic year in which we will grow immeasurably.
I'm so glad to be here at Bushland with you!

This is my fourth year teaching, but only my second at Bushland.
I taught English II, Speech, and Debate in Perryton, TX for two years.
Just after graduating college, I was an intern with a the Baptist student ministry at WT where I was able to teach Bible studies, lead young women, and help them grow in leadership.  That has proven to be a tremendous asset in helping me know how to meet students where they are and grow them to be the best they can be...even if English isn't their favorite.

I'm looking forward to seeing the progress your child makes throughout the year, but I can't wait to see what they have to teach me!