Financial Information

Below you will find the required financial information.

Bill of Rights for Property Owners
A governmental entity must post the landowner's bill of rights on its public website.
Texas Property Code § 21.0112

Tax Trend Information
Reporting of Tax Rates: In each county in which a school district has territory, the school district must submit to the county's tax assessor-collector information regarding the district's (1) adopted tax rate, (2) maintenance and operations rate, (3) debt rate, (4) effective tax rate, (5) effective maintenance and operations rate, and (6) rollback rate. A county tax assessor-collector that maintains a website must post this information for the most recent five tax years.
Texas Tax Code, § 26.16

Utility Costs
A governmental entity (including a school district) that is responsible for payments for electric, water, or natural gas utility services, must record its metered amount of electricity, water, or natural gas consumed and the aggregate costs for those utility services on a public website.
Texas Government Code, § 2265.001(b)