August Bridge Replacement

August Bridge Construction
Posted on 08/17/2017
Welcome back!  We are looking forward to a great start to the 2017-18 school year.

Beginning Saturday, August 19, the underpass at I-40 and Bushland Road will be closed to north/southbound traffic. It is estimated that it will reopen on Oct. 23rd.  All north/southbound Bushland Road traffic will be detoured around to either Arnot Rd. or Atkinson Rd. which will add approximately 10 minutes to your commute. Eastbound traffic on I-40 will not be affected by this construction, but westbound traffic will be exited onto the access road which will be one-way only during the construction of the new overpass.  The traffic will not stop and will re-enter back onto I-40 after the bridge.  There will be a right turn only lane as well where traffic can turn north onto Bushland Rd. headed to the High School. The access road on the south side of I-40 will remain two-way heading both east and west.

The safety of all parents and students is, first and foremost, the most important issue heading into this school year, and we encourage everyone to leave your homes at a minimum of 10 minutes earlier than normal to give you plenty of time to accommodate your travel needs.  We ask for your patience and that you slow down as we begin the school year. Also, just a reminder that the use of cell phones while driving is prohibited in school zones. The administration is going to be lenient the first week of school with tardies, but starting the second week, we will start enforcing the tardy policy.

Don Wood
Bushland ISD Superintendent