Rowdy Bryan


Hello, my name is “Rowdy” Bryan. I am a teacher / coach / technology technician / instructional technology and design specialist from Happy, Texas, the town without a frown. I have taught social studies for 16 years. I have a love for education and technology; these lead me to a teaching field switch to technology applications, which I have been teaching for the last eight years. I have a Master of Education in Instructional Technology and I am very excited to be getting the opportunity to teach at Bushland ISD. I will be teaching Credit recovery, Animation, Graphic Design and Illustration, Principles of A/V Technology, and Audio/Video Production this year and the sponsor if the Bushland ISD Gaming Club, and working with the UIL technology events.


Software/Equipment – Students will be using Microsoft OneNote, Google Classroom,
Adobe Creative Suite and other programs and apps. They will work on and complete the assignment and assessment during the class period and they will not be required to purchase the software to use at home. I will make myself available before school if the student needs to finish work. 

Students are required to bring the own ear buds / headphones. We will be listening to items that have sound and the workstation does not have speakers or headphones. All students are required to have and bring to class daily a 16 GB flash drive.  This is where the student will save their work.

Class Schedule

7:10 – 7:55

Room 601


8:00 – 8:45

Credit Recovery


8:49 – 9:34

Graphic Design


9:38 – 10:23



10:27 – 11:02



11:06 – 11:51

Credit Recovery


11:55 – 12:40

A Lunch


12:25 – 1:10

Principles of A/V Technology


1:14 – 1:59

Graphic Design


2:03 – 2:48

Audio / Video Production


2:52 – 3:37


3:37 – 3:50

600 Hall

Grading – All of the student academic needs will be address.  50% of the students’ grade will come from daily work assignment and 50% of the student’s grade will come from examination and/or other forms of assessment.  At the end of a grading period, the student will have a minimum of 10 grades in the calculation of a student’s final average. A minimum of 4 of these grades will come from the assessment of a student’s performance. Each week the student will receive a growth mindset grade that will count as an assessment grade.  This grade will be based on productivity of the student and on the following:  embracing challenges / persistence in the face of setbacks / showing effort / learning from criticism / finding lessons and inspiration in the success of others

I teach for mastery; student will have an opportunity to redo any work, and most of time will be required to redo before a final grade will be given for an assignment.  I will have deadline for assignment, failure to meet these deadlines could result in the lowering of the grade for the assignment. If the student is absent from class for any reason, it is their responsibility to makeup what they have missed. A student who does not make up assigned work within a reasonable allotted time will receive a grade of zero for the assignment.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at